Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hero analysis

       Homer portrays Odysseus as a very strong and confidant man. Odysseus also has his faults, such as over confidence at times. He follows the heroes journey just not in the same way we think of today.
       An example from the poem that helps give an understanding to how strong and confidant Odysseus is when he is trying to get away from Calypso he shows he is till loyal to his wife and kingdom. On the journey off the island he is also forced to swim for days with no rest and only very little help.
        An example of his over confidence is when he is a guest on Phaeacia Odysseus is challenged to a competition and he believes he will win against men that are half his age and are in better shape then he is. When Odysseus goes against Polyphemus he is very overconfident and taunts the cyclops.
     The Heroes journey in The Odyssey follows the same path mostly except when Odysseus is on Phaeacia and is telling his story. This doesn't completely follow it because it goes through his trials before this story even started.

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