Thursday, November 1, 2012

Diary For the French Revolution

Dear Diary,
   The rebellion is getting worse! I do not know what to do. My parents say to stay out of the fight and let things take its course, that the King and his men will come out victorious, like they should. I am not so sure. There are less and less people who support the Monarchy everyday, more people are going against the King. Even my cousins are rebelling. I do not know who to believe. I know that if I was to join the rebellion and we lost, I would surly be put to death, but if I join and we win, then we are free from the rule of a King who only wants more money and power.
   I would surly would not be an active fighter for I have seen things that give me nightmares for weeks. Neither side cares about who is in the cross fire of the fighting. My best friend, Ella, was shot and killed less than three days ago, and I miss her terribly. No one knows who shot her, it was absolute chaos. I do believe that for the time being I will not give my support for either side, I wish to live for me and for the life Ella.
    For ever yours

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