Thursday, September 6, 2012

Doctor Who Archetype

    An archetype is a universal symbol in any story. Such as an orphaned hero, a villain/shadow, a journey or a destruction via flood or fire. An example of a story that follows this is Doctor Who (2005). It shows several examples of archetypes. They would be, the orphaned hero, shadow/villain, and a destruction via fire.
    The orphaned hero in Doctor Who is the Doctor himself. In the show his planet was destroyed by fire. Another one of the archetypes. He was the only survivor of the destruction. The Doctor is called the on coming storm. For this I also believe that he could be classified as a anti-hero.
    The shadow figures in the show are the Daleks. They are bit different than most in the fact that no matter how many times the Doctor defeats them they are never gone. They are a reoccurring them in the show.
    The Doctor has many companions over the series. I believe they represent the Child archetype. Because they are innocent. They know nothing of the world they are being drawn into. Also when their done traveling they are no longer the innocent people that started out. These are all the archetypes from Doctor Who (2005).  

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