Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Penelope- Writing Wed. 9/19/12

      18 Year. It has been 18 years since I last saw my husband. Odysseus was called to Troy to fight in the great war. The war has been over for 8 years. That much I know for sure. I don't know if he my husband is still or live or if died in battle.
     Telemachus, my son by Odysseus. He never knew his father except from stories. Telemachus now is leaving to search for his father and bring him and his men home. I have not yet lost hope that Odysseus is still alive, and trying to find a way home. That is why I never picked a suitor.
      My son and husband, both are gone. Let the Gods protect and watch over them. I know they will go through many trials and hardships. I hope that they do not give into grief or rage or hopelessness. Let them live to see and rule Ithaca again. Oh Zeus! Protect Them! Protect them...

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  1. I would have liked more specifics about what she was feeling.